Things go differently at the Disir’s Cave A Merlin Fanfiction By Ldy Julanna

“It has been an honor to serve you Arthur.”

Arthur makes an exasperated noise. He is about to demand again that Merlin get on with it; when Merlin takes a final deep breath and says in a rush. As if he stops he’ll never finish.

“I hope someday Arthur, that you will be able to see why I couldn’t be honest with you about this before. Please know that I never wanted to lie to you. It was the only way to help you fulfill your destiny, which is my destiny.  I care too much about you as a friend not just as a king. I have magic Arthur… I’ve had it since I was born. I’ve only ever use it to help people. In Ealdor I only used it to help with the planting or if it was an emergency of some sort. For the last few years that I’ve lived in Camelot I’ve only used it when I had to. To protect you or in the protection of the people of Camelot. This I swear, so you see I cannot give an opinion on whether you should bring back magic to Camelot. Honestly, because all I’ve ever wanted is for you to know of my magic and be okay with it. Still trust me, and for magic to come back to Camelot. That is my heart’s desire. So I can’t in good faith give an opinion on what you should do without you knowing the truth.”

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A Blood Ties Fanfiction by LdyJulanna

Chapter 1

As soon as Henry shut the door on Mike in the back seat. Vicki couldn’t stand it anymore with the adrenaline beginning to wash out of her system. She grabs Henry pulling him tight to her. Glad that Mendoza’s blood at least healed the wounds that she could see before. She feels him. Stiffen under her touch and she can’t blame him. If it wasn’t for her vouching for Mike Henry would’ve erased his memory already and he’d have never been in Mendoza’s clutches. Thinking about all the damage she saw on Henry’s body she can’t help the tears that fall; and the guilt and shame that she feels.

Both misunderstanding the reactions of the other. Henry thinking her shaking is because of a fear of him after what she saw. Henry stiffens out of shame, Vicki thinks it’s because he blames her as she feels he rightly should.

“Vicki… Forgive me-“

“Henry… I’m so sorry forgive me-“

They both start. Each pulling back to look at the other.

“Henry you don’t-“

“Vicki you don’t-“

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